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how to get a residence permit (PR) online

Residence permit also known as PR is a document that represents your permanent residence status in a country. With this document, you are allowed to stay legally in that country permanently over a period of time, after which you can apply for your citizenship. If you’re on this page then you are probably looking at where to buy a residence permit online. Well, if you are looking for an answer if that is possible or not, we can answer you with all confidence that YES! it is very possible. We provide full assistance to get a residence permit or PR online to the countries that we support for PR. We provide a biometric residence permit card that is legally allowed to be used nationally and internationally.

With our inside connections, we assure a 100% success rate through the process of buying a residence permit online in all the countries we have access to. The resident permit card will carry your biometric information stored in the system to fully operate as it’s supposed to. We have very experienced immigration experts who will best know what category you are fit in for your residence permit, based on your personal condition or status.

Applying for Residence Permit

As you may already know, the process of applying for a residence permit differs by country as the immigration laws of a country will determine the procedure of the process. We can get residence permits in a number of countries and as said in the text above, we guarantee a success rate of 100% for getting your residence permit.

Buy Residence Permit online with Real Documents Facility.

Permanent Residency is the next step for an immigrant who wants to work and reside in the country of their choice. Sure, a temporary visa does a similar job, but a Permanent Residency or Residency Permit gives a lot more leeway to the applicant. Not only is the applicant allowed to stay in the country permanently, as long as they like, but they could also apply for citizenship in the future as well. It is something that is not available to a temporary visa holder.

But while a residence permit might seem a tempting fruit, it is pretty tricky to catch, regardless of the country you are interested in migrating to. There are so many hurdles that one has to navigate, and that is not even considering the various obligations one needs to fulfill to not only get a Residency Permit but also to maintain their PR as well. Yes, the issued body could easily revoke one’s permit if they have not been meeting their residency requirement. Once revoked, it is doubtful that an applicant would be able to reapply for the residency permit.

Are you concerned about the process now? Well, don’t be; you can easily reach out to Real Documents Facility for your residency permit requirement, and our expert consultants will help you. Real Documents Facility guarantees expert assistance in your residency application. We can help with residence permits in the country of your choice in a speedy manner.

We have an excellent track record of being 100 percent successful with every client we take.

Why choose Real Documents Facility for your residence permit?

Now, if you are wondering why you would need to hire experts in the immigration field when you can easily do the research yourself and file the application without any assistance, the answer is simple – we get the job done. The residency permit application and the process can be a maze that one might find difficult to navigate. Not to mention the immigration laws are being constantly changed and updated in their respective country, which would be difficult for one to keep track of.

All of this makes it pretty clear that one requires some kind of expert assistance when it comes to getting that Residency Permit. You naturally would not want to fail in your attempt and, as a result, be blacklisted by the agency. Don’t take a risk and reach out to the experts at

We provide expert guidance to folks looking to get a Permanent Residency, and that too at affordable prices. You simply could not find a better choice suited for your needs than Real Documents Facility. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our customer support team today with your requirement.

Getting a residence permit has become easier as we are available at all times to accomplish your service request. You can apply for a residence permit online and get it from the convenience of your home. Moreover, we help you with the documentation to ensure you receive your residence permit in no time.


Countries we can help get their residence permit online

We provide residence permit for the following countries below. Please note that each country has a different procedure and requirements as well as processing time. We would communicate with you what requirements are involved and explain the detailed process once you reach out to us.

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